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Halloween Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses are classic ways to celebrate Halloween, and can provide hours of spooky fun for thrill-seekers. Some haunts feature one specific theme throughout the entire tour, while others switch up themes room by room. If you’re interested in visiting a haunted house this Halloween, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Spider webs are a classic Halloween haunted house prop, adding a touch of spookiness and making everything look older. A spider web can be a simple piece of fabric or a long, stretchy string tied across a mirror or room. Remember to tease the threads apart to make them look spooky. You can also hang creepy cloth over doors or furniture.

One of the best haunted houses in the city is the famous Blood Manor, which has been spooked by celebrities like Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart. The haunted house features several new haunted halls, including Hannibal’s Hell and the Killer Clowns. The haunted house also offers Lights-Out nights, when guests enter in complete darkness.

Bayville Scream Park is a popular haunted house in Long Island, and is geared towards adults and older children. This haunted house has two haunts, a hayride, and concessions. Tickets are good for the entire Halloween season. If you’re scared easily, consider not visiting.


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